“We Are One” rally recognizes Domestic and International struggle for Workers Rights

Although the rally was largely organized in light of the most recent attacks on US labor rights, the commitment to recognize a diverse group of individuals was evident. Participants could be heard chanting “The people, united, will never be defeated!” and held signs that read “I am a woman, I am a worker, we are one” and “I am a man, I am a worker, we are one”. A school teacher and a nurse were among those called to the stage to share their story, and the effect the latest attack on their rights will have on them and those they interact with on the job. Also recognized was Babul Akhter of the Bangladesh Garment and Industrial Workers Federation who has been organizing workers in Bangladesh for over 10 years.  Just recently he and others have been targeted by the government in an effort to squash worker organizing.  He has spent one month in jail where he was severely beaten and remains on trial today for falsified criminal charges.


The rally ended with a march, led by several Union Presidents, to the Koch Industries Building, where an invitation to join in protecting the rights of workers was presented and eventually accepted.

Koch is under fire due to their role in financially supporting several measures that are very detrimental to workers, and because of links to substantial funding to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has recently fought to raise workers’ pension and healthcare costs. Koch has also been accused of supporting an anti-union, anti-environmental regulation agenda within the group they founded, Americans for Prosperity.

DC’s "We are One" rally, only one of thousands, took place across the nation on Monday, stood to memorialize the work of Dr. King, and allowed for a stunning picture of international worker advocates standing with those in the US, as they fought to achieve the same goal, as one.