Fight the Heist: Asian Unions Join Forces with GLJ-ILRF & Asia Floor Wage Alliance in Campaign to Stop Nike, Levi’s & VF Corp. from Funneling Stolen Pandemic Wages toward Buybacks

Fight the Heist Campaign logo depicting women garment workers with raised fists confronting an agressive Wall Street Bull

Garment supply chain workers, a majority of them women, faced massive wage theft and income loss during the COVID-19 pandemic when Big Fashion brands’ like Nike canceled or drastically reduced orders en masse (as detailed in Asia Floor Wage Alliance’s (AFWA) Money Heist report).

Meanwhile, Wall Street investors and owners made record profits and paid themselves millions of dollars through stock buybacks.

The Nike-owning Knight family, for example, paid themselves $74 million in dividends while garment workers struggled to survive on slashed incomes.

Now three years into the pandemic, garment workers who have still not recovered are demanding change from Wall Street executives, shareholders, and investors.

AFWA, GLJ-ILRF, and 20 Asian unions have joined forces to stop Big Fashion companies from enriching investors at workers’ expense.

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