Rally for Justice for Bangladesh Workers

Workers in the Bangladesh garment industry are paid 20 cents an hour and often face hazardous working conditions that have lead to the death of several workers.  Recently the government-appointed wage board raised the minimum wage for Bangladesh workers in the garment industry to $43 USD a month. Some labor unions accepted this while others were not satisfied because they had originally called for a wage of $72 USD a month. As a result, disappointed labor unions organized protests in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, to voice their discontent. Prices for goods are on the rise and the pitiful wages they earn is not enough to live decently. Unfortunately, the protests turned violent and the police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. All that workers are asking is $29 dollars more every month and yet there requests are declined.

Many peaceful labor activists groups such as BCWS are being targeted by the government as inciting the violence. However, neither Kalpona Akter nor Babul Ahkter was involved in these acts. The Bangladesh companies increasing power and high demand in the labor market makes it difficult for workers in poor countries like Bangladesh to achieve pay increases. Nevertheless, ILRF will continue to support Bangladeshi workers right to fair wages. Click on these online actions to stand in solidarity with Bangladesh workers:

1) Demand that Walmart, Sears, JC Penney and others stop backing the government crackdown on workers' rights in Bangladesh.
2) Call on the Bangladeshi government to release Kalpona and Babul immediately, to reinstate BCWS's NGO status, and to cease all harassment of BCWS.