Questions ILRF Wishes the Candidates Would Answer

Publication Date: 

October 7, 2008

In this document, ILRF Executive Director Bama Athreya, outline some of the key questions related to global labor rights we wish the US presidential candidates would answer. As the candidates prepare for a debate tonight and workers around the world participate in World Day for Decent Work, we want to know how a new administration would promote decent work for all globally.

ILRF Pre-Hearing Brief Concerning Dole's Application for Increased Trade Benefits

Publication Date: 

October 3, 2008

The ILRF filed this pre-hearing brief related to the request by Dole Packaged Foods, LLC to expand the GSP preference program with the Philippines to add Pineapple Juice, not concentrated. The ILRF requests that the USTR hold open the review and defer making a decision pending resolution of the outstanding disputes between Dole Philippines (Dolefil) and local union representing its workers, AK-NAFLU-KMU (Amado Kadena), where there are still dozens of outstanding legal disputes related working conditions and freedom of association violations.

SweatFree School Uniforms Informational Packet

Publication Date: 

October 1, 2008

Youth in the 21st century are more connected to people around the world than in previous generations. Consequently, the role that youth play as consumers has dramatically changed over the years. In an effort to bring together the issues of where our products comes from and the labor rights issues associated to global supply chains, the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) has developed an opportunity for students to realize their role in ongoing globalization and the connections they have to workers around the world.

Cotton and Child Labor Poster

Publication Date: 

August 18, 2008

Thousands of children around the world are forced to pick cotton. In India, child workers in the cottonseed industry are often in a state of debt bondage and work at least nine hours a day. Pesticides used during production cause health problems for the children and they report experiencing headaches, convulsions and respiratory problems. The long-term effects of exposure to toxic chemicals have not been measured.