The Sour Taste of Pineapple

Publication Date: 

October 20, 2008


International Labor Rights Forum

Since the 1960’s, pineapple production has quadrupled and export has tripled worldwide. While profits for some have tremendously expanded under such development, this report demonstrates how pineapple workers, their families and communities, and the environment in the largest pineapple producing nations have not enjoyed the benefits of such growth.

The "Sour Taste of Pineapple: How an Expanding Export Industry Undermines Workers and Their Communities" was derived from findings made by ILRF’s partner labor advocacy NGOs in Costa Rica, ASEPROLA, and in the Philippines, EILER. Across continents, labor rights abuses, inhumane working conditions, and environmental degradation have plagued the industry. Increased corporate control in export supply chains has prevented small farmers and workers in pineapple producing countries from sharing in the products’ growing revenue. Dole and Del Monte, through their subsidiaries, compete as the largest global suppliers of both fresh and processed pineapple as both operate plantations, distribution centers, and processing facilities all over the world.