Chong Won Fashion Updated Fact Sheet

Publication Date: 

March 14, 2008

NMCW Factsheet

From Nov. 14, 2006 to February 2008

On November 17, 2006 the management-led “Caretaker Committee” (supposed to be a caretaker committee of the union of the workers at CWFI) had filed a petition to cancel the registration of the union at the Region IV-A office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

A series of hearings had been scheduled by the DOLE Region IV office from December 12 & 28, 2006; January 16, 2007; and February 6, 2007.

Non-traditional agricultural export industries: Conditions for women workers in Colombia and Peru

Publication Date: 

March 1, 2008

Women comprise the majority of the workforce in many non-traditional agricultural export (NTAE) industries, which international lending and aid agencies espouse as a development solution for rural poor people. In the Peruvian asparagus industry and the Colombian cut-flower plantations, however, women workers endure unsafe and substandard conditions.

Fighting FTAs

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February 7, 2008, GRAIN and BIOTHAI are today launching a collaborative publication, "Fighting FTAs: The growing resistance to bilateral free trade and investment agreements". While global trade talks at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) stagnate, governments and corporations are busy spinning a complex web of bilateral free trade and investment agreements (FTAs). "Fighting FTAs" looks at what this FTA frenzy is really about, how social movements are fighting back and strategic learnings emerging from these struggles.