Join us for the National Day of Action Urging Walmart to Free Bangladeshi Labor Leaders!

By Courtney Smith, Intern, ILRF 

Drop Off a Letter to a Walmart in Your Town

Take a few minutes out of your day tomorrow, Wednesday September 8, 2010, to deliver a letter to the store manager at your local Walmart.  In addition you can hand out a leaflet we have created after you deliver your letter to Walmart customers to raise awareness about the issue. 

If you are planning to take part, SIGN UP HERE and we will email you the letter and leaflet.

What: National Day of Action Urging Walmart to Free Bangladeshi Labor Leaders

Where: Your local Walmart

When: Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Why: On August 13th, 2010 Kalpona Akter and Babul Akhter, leaders of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity (BCWS) were wrongfully arrested by the Government of Bangladesh.  They are currently still detained, and Babul has been badly beaten.  These individuals are leading advocates for labor rights in Bangladesh. 

Kalpona and Babul’s arrest occurred after false charges were instigated by Nassa Group and Envoy Group, two of the largest garment factory conglomerates in Bangladesh.  These conglomerates are major clothing suppliers for Walmart, giving Walmart the power and obligation to intervene in this issue.  We are asking that Walmart suspend all orders with these two suppliers until the BCWS leaders’ have been safely released from detention, the charges against them have been dismissed, and BCWS’s license to operate has been restored.

Your participation in this day of action is needed!

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