After My Time At International Labor Rights Forum

Flowers; my grandmother buys flowers maybe every so often. She, with vases, puts them up in her room, her living room, and sometimes even in the window seal. Through ILRF I’ve herd and seen how workers from Ecuador and Colombia get mistreated, verbally and physically abused, sexually assaulted, and more in order for them to either keep their job or get a job. Flower workers do a lot to maintain, grow, and care for the flowers, I think of this everyday when I wake up and walk into my living room every morning and see a vase full with gorgeous flowers. I love flowers and so does she but now I see the real thrones that flowers bring.

Fruit, I love it. I love pineapple, bananas, honey dew, and much more. Once when I was in school a speaker came to talk to us about where pineapple was grown and by whom. Trina as well came to my school to talk about bananas. They both explained how the chain line works and what each member gets paid. I noticed that the one doing most of the work gets paid the least, which isn’t fair. I haven’t stopped eating these particular fruits because I love them so much but I have cut back, I guess. When the fruit is just right and waters my mouth I think to myself how hard these workers must have worked to get it just right.

Being an intern at ILRF as changed my way of thinking in more then food but these are the most visible. I’ve always wanted to help kids and families but never in the way that ILRF does.  It was as if I had no clue that kids were being subjected and that women were treated unfairly. I never really paid attention to how people really get used and dominated in business because they are lower then their authority. I’ve learned to appreciate the good simple little things in life that people take for granted. This is also why I choose to write about chocolate, flowers, and fruits. I hope to think that if people were aware of this issue they would try to help. I hope in the long run I can also help in a great way.