390,000 Chinese workers die per year of occupational illnesses

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that of the 200 million (less than 1 in
4) workers in China who are routinely exposed to toxic chemicals and
life-threatening diseases in factories, 390,000 died in 2005. China's
Ministry of Health reported that more than 16 million enterprises in
China have been subjecting workers to high, poisonous levels of toxic

We must bear in mind that many of the products made in China under
these conditions are contracted by major U.S.-based transnational
corporations. In addition to urging Chinese government to enforce its
labor law, we should also keep in mind that another way to impact the
conditions is by holding U.S. corporations accountable for improving
conditions by providing a fair price to their Chinese suppliers that
affords a decent wage for workers as well as the cost of health and
safety equipment.

The report and photos are available online at http://extras.sltrib.com/china/

The report has also elicited a response from Utah's Governor: