GAP found using child labor

No longer is it a news story when women are sexually harassed in a
factory.  No longer is it a news story where workers are fired for
trying to form a union.  At ILRF we are contacted by our partners all
the time and yet are at a loss for what's next.  Companies have been
able to hide behind voluntary initiatives and fantastic PR machines
that so many believe.  It's a constant struggle for the media and
consumers to realize just how prevalent sweatshops are still today.

Today as I sit here doing interviews with reporters wanting to cover
this sensationalized story I wonder if anyone will remember this next
week.  I was just on ABC News and they asked me, "where does the buck
stop?"  I responded that its the companies that have the where-with-all
to change things yet I also wonder if in part it's the US consumer.
The consumer that is always searching for the lowest price -- even I
find myself shopping at Target and not questing why I can buy a blouse
for $5.  This is something that we all must struggle with and I hope
that those reading this blog will take pause to think about how
consumers play a role in addition to companies.



re: GAP found using child labor

I gotta hand it to whoever wrote this, you've really kept me updated! Now, let's just hope that I can come across another blog just as interesting :)

re: GAP found using child labor

Check out the joint press release by SweatFree Communities and International Labor Rights Fund:

Gap Child Labor Revelations – Wake Up Call for the Industry;
Anti-Sweatshop Groups Call on Gap to Provide Immediate Compensation to Child Workers and Address Root Problems in Industry