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Wal-Mart Faces Suit by Labor Group

LA Times

The retailer is accused of failing to enforce its code of conduct, which mandates basic wage and working conditions, for its suppliers.

By Molly Selvin, Times Staff Writer

A labor group that last year forced Unocal Corp. to settle human-rights claims sued Wal-Mart on Tuesday, alleging the world's biggest retailer allowed sweatshop conditions at supplier factories around the world.

Suit Says Wal-Mart Is Lax on Labor Abuses Overseas

New York Times


A labor rights group filed a class-action lawsuit yesterday against Wal-Mart Stores in which apparel workers in Bangladesh, China and other countries assert that Wal-Mart violated its contractual obligations by not enforcing its code of conduct for overseas contractors.

The lawsuit, filed in state court in Los Angeles, makes the novel argument that Wal-Mart's code of conduct created contractual obligations between it and thousands of workers employed by contractors who were supposed to comply with the code.

Workers Sue Wal-Mart Over Sweatshop Conditions


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Workers in six countries filed a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Tuesday, claiming the world's largest retailer overlooks sweatshop conditions at toy and clothing factories from China to Nicaragua.

The suit, filed in California state court in Los Angeles, lists as plaintiffs 15 workers in Bangladesh, Swaziland, Indonesia, China and Nicaragua. They claim they were paid below minimum wage, forced to work unpaid overtime and in some cases even endured beatings by supervisors.

Alford poor selection for 'Executive of Year'

The Miami Student via U-Wire University Wire

By Staff Editorial, The Miami Student; SOURCE: Miami University

The gaping disconnect between profit and corporate responsibility was on bright and shameful display right here at Miami University this past Wednesday as Nestle CEO and Miami alumnus Brad Alford spoke in front of a Hall Auditorium audience. Alford delivered a speech concerning "communication and marketing strategy in a technologically advanced society."

SF Pledges to Use Purchasing Power to Produce Sweatshop Reform

Associated Press

By Lisa Leff

SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco supervisors unanimously

approved a new law Tuesday that requires city contractors

to guarantee in writing that the uniforms, computers and

other goods they supply were not made by workers exploited

in so-called "sweatshops."

By signing the "sweat-free code of conduct," manufacturers

and wholesalers that do business with the city would be

promising that their workers are paid the local minimum

wage, have the right to unionize and enjoy safe working

Letter from Luis Javier Correa Suarez: Regional Leader of SINALTRAINAL Assassinated


Con profundo dolor informamos que ha sido asesinado el compañero LUCIANO ENRIQUE ROMERO MOLINA dirigente de SINALTRAINAL. El compañero fue visto con vida por un familiar a eso de las 9:00 P. M., en su taxi de placas VP 473 marca Spring que manejaba el 10 de Septiembre de 2005 en la ciudad de Valledupar. Luego fue encontrado sin vida, amarrado y con aproximadamente 40 cuchilladas en su cuerpo y con signos de tortura.


Guardian Unlimited, Business Insight

By Mark Tran

What do Nike, Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Nestlé have in common? Apart from being among the world's most well-known brands, they happen to be the most boycotted brands on the planet.

That finding came from this week's global GMIPoll, an online opinion poll that surveyed 15,500 consumers in 17 countries.

Nestlé emerges as the most the most boycotted brand in the UK because of what respondents consider its "unethical use and promotion of formula feed for babies in third world countries."

Sintrasplendor Union's Registry Approved!

Campaign for Labor Rights

[This message issued by the Sintrasplendor union, translated into English by CLR staff (original Spanish below)]

"Ten months after its formation, the flower workers' union at Splendor Flowers (part of the multinational Dole) has obtained its union registration. This came about due to a resolution issued by the Ministry of Social Protection, which could not ignore the unwavering will of its members and the invaluable support of numerous friends, both in Colombia and other countries.