Sintrasplendor Union's Registry Approved!

Campaign for Labor Rights

[This message issued by the Sintrasplendor union, translated into English by CLR staff (original Spanish below)]

"Ten months after its formation, the flower workers' union at Splendor Flowers (part of the multinational Dole) has obtained its union registration. This came about due to a resolution issued by the Ministry of Social Protection, which could not ignore the unwavering will of its members and the invaluable support of numerous friends, both in Colombia and other countries.

This achievement strengthens and inspires all Colombian flower workers and signals the beginning of a new phase of the fight for their rights. Reinstatement of the fired workers and negotiation of our list of demands are our immediate objectives.

To pursue these things successfully, it is necessary to redouble our efforts, to extend fraternal ties to our Colombian and foreign friends, to isolate the company union and close ranks around Sintrasplendor and Untraflores."