South Asian March catches trafficker and rescues 2 boys from slavery

04 March 2007, Biratnagar, 10.00 am: Holi is one of the biggest
festivals in both India and Nepal and obviously the children started
playing Holi early in the morning. The celebrations continued amongst
songs and dancing till 11.00 A.M. when the marchers were invited to
play Holi by the Biratnagar Chief Development Officer Mr. Modraj Dotel,
the administrative and judicial head of the district.
After traditional putting of colour, the local organizations Mahila

My Wal-Mart story told to many in Oregon and Washington

On Feb 18, 2007, I left Orlando, FL  to join the International Labor
Rights Fund.  Feb 18th marked the first time I was ever on an
airplane.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Beatriz (Betty) Fuentes.
She comes from Colombia.  I have heard her story.  I have had the
chance to connect with Jayaram who comes from Bangalore, India.  I have
also heard his story.  You know its really an experience to be able to
speak out about Wal-Mart concerning how they treat their employees.  It

Edun: "Unions are more of an American structure"

After months of trying to get some answers out of the folks at Edun
about their Code of Conduct, conditions at the factories from which
they source and their position on workers' right to organize, we had
somewhat of a breakthrough today.  Check out the e-mail communication
below with Bridget Russo, the US press contact for Edun (the document
referred to is the vague FAQ page on Edun's website):


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