Blog: February 2012

Guidance for Consumers on Valentine's Day

Chocolate has been flagged as a sweet industry that’s acquiring a sour reputation for its pervasive use of forced and child labour.  Over 109,000 children work under atrocious conditions in the cocoa industry of the Ivory Coast, and an estimated 10,000 of these children are enslaved.  With Ghana and the Ivory Coast producing around 70% of the world’s cocoa beans, it is more than likely that each of us has consumed chocolate produced at the expense of a child’s freedom. 

Cocoa Activism Moves to the Next Level!

It is important to recognize Hershey’s first step, but our goal is to have Hershey’s be a leader in child-labor-free chocolate instead of just barely keeping pace with its competitors.  This is a company that has built its reputation on caring for children and communities – and we will continue to push Hershey’s to be a leader in caring for West African cocoa kids too!

While we support Hershey’s move toward accountability, its partnership with Rainforest Alliance also presents several concerns:

Inspired by Visit to Alta Gracia

Yenni’s sacrifice and the sacrifices made by the workers were worth the struggle. Rosa, the daughter of one of the workers at Alta Gracia explained, “Before Alta Gracia, we weren’t able to pay for any schooling beyond a public university, but now we can. We’ve been able to improve our nutrition too, and our stability. Before my mom didn’t have time to talk and check-in with me. She was tired and we’d often fight. Now we have time to share and talk around the dinner table and spend time together.”

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