Migrant Fishers in Taiwan Take Wi-Fi Now For Fishers’ Rights Campaign International

March 12, 2023

Migrants from across Asia work in Taiwan’s fishing fleet, catching seafood we eat every day. Working under harsh conditions and often facing danger, violence and abuse on the job, thousands of fishers have come together in a new campaign to demand fundamental labor rights.

On March 12, 2023, they took their campaign internationally, gathering with local and international NGO and labor allies in front of the Seafood Expo North America at the Boston Convention Center to demand that responsible sourcing of seafood that respects fundamental labor rights as set forth in ILO conventions and wi-fi access for all fishers on distant-water vessels be at the heart of the conversation about the global seafood industry.

Taiwan has the world’s second largest distant water fleet, with more than 22,000 crew, the majority migrant workers. At sea for up to a year without access to Wi-Fi onboard fishing vessels, workers are isolated and unable to communicate with their family, union, service providers, or state officials. Access to Wi-Fi is critical for workers’ rights under international labor standards, including their right to freedom of association. Wi-Fi access is also essential for workers’ mental health and that of their families.


For information about the #WifiNOWforFishersRights campaign, click here.