One Year Later, Remembering Ali Enterprises

Looking ahead, NTUF recommends that:

  1. Appointment letters be given to workers at the time of their appointment.
  2. Safety and protection measures according to international and national labour law must be observed in the workplace and the government should ratify ILO convention of occupational safety and health (OSH).
  3. Electric gates in factories be banned.
  4. Factory buildings be certified by the building authorities.
  5. Training be required for workers regarding labour lawsa and health and safety at workplace.
  6. Serious strategies be developed to initiate the process of forming workers’ representative unions in factories.
  7. Efficient labour inspection mechanisms be developed.
  8. Workers be registered with social security institutions, Employees Old Age Benefits Institution and Workers Welfare Board at the time of their employment.
  9. Laws to register the factories under Factories Act 1934 be observed.
  10. Minimum wages be increased according to the inflation rate 
  11. International brands buy or order from those manufactures who implement all labour laws, especially safety measures.
  12. KIK be held equally responsible for the fire incident and compensate the workers according to international standards.   
  13. Child labour be eliminated from factories and enroll children in schools
  14. A DNA test laboratory be established in every industrial city.
  15. SA certification shouldn’t be used to undermine the national and international labour standards.
  16. The registration of audit certifying organizations which issue fake ISO and audit certificates to factories be cancelled. The Government of Pakistan should order the international audit company RINA to provide the list of 100 factories to whom they have issued the audit certificates.
  17. The ILO meet its due role to train workers, and cooperate with all labor federations.
  18. There should be long term rehabilitation program for the families of the victims and injured workers.