Wisconsin Workers Deserve Respect for Their International Labor Rights

These attacks on unions and workers’ rights are not being done in the name of the American people. According to a USA Today poll released this afternoon, 61% of the American public opposes limiting collective bargaining rights for unions even as a way to save money for the state budget. In addition, 53% oppose reducing pay or benefits for government workers. All of the anti-labor rhetoric, claiming that destroying worker rights is complying with the demands of the American population, is blatantly false.

The crackdown on labor rights that Wisconsin’s public employees are facing is all too familiar to the International Labor Rights Forum, and mirrors the repression of workers’ rights that we stand up against on a daily basis in solidarity with workers around the world. It is the same struggle for a voice on the job that workers everywhere are fighting for. Workers and labor rights defenders need to join together in face of this global trend of subverting labor rights and human rights in the name of “fiscal effectiveness”. This is why we are urging action.

SweatFree Communities and the ILRF have signed onto Jobs with Justice’s statement of support for Wisconsin workers. We encourage you to show to show up at a Rally in Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers near you. Bring your friends! These protests are a great opportunity to stand in solidarity against the tide of growing anti-labor reactionary extremism. To find an action near you, visit the calendar on Jobs with Justice's blog.


re: Wisconsin Workers Deserve Respect for Their International La

Your struggle is our struggle.
Our struggle is your struggle.
For our nation is the World, and our countrymen are the working people, wherever they are to be found.

With love and rage, from Nottingham, England.