Changing the Economy through Decent Work and Sustainable Jobs

Eva Seidelman, ILRF Program Assistant

The International Labor Organization (ILO) just released its Global Jobs Pact at its annual conference. The pact outlines how promoting decent work and sustainable jobs will lead to a stable economy and pull us out of the economic crisis.

Workers in developing countries have been exploited for years but the crisis has made conditions much worse. Unskilled sweatshop and manufacturing workers rarely have the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty with low-wages and disposable, temporary jobs. Many workers don't have the ability to bargain for better conditions through a union, contributing to a cycle of poverty. 

The ILO Pact explains how radical free market model is unsustainable and will never provide workers with the good jobs needed to lift themselves out of poverty and the economic crisis.

A new proposal based on a high-road approach is proposed, instead.

Take action to support Lipton Tea Workers in Pakistan who have seen their jobs become temporary and disposable under this model.