Melting Pot? More like a Cake with Pretty Sprinkles

Almost a hundred years later we
have another influx of immigrants. While the majority are Latinos; Asians and
Africans also make up are large percent of immigrants. But now the lid is on
the pot and Americans want no more immigrants. Many claim to only have an
aversion to those who circumvent the failing legal process for a more dangerous
desert route to the U.S.  But underlying that aversion is a dislike for anyone who has the audacity to
come to the melting pot and not be willing to drop their cultural identity to
get in. The focus is on Latinos, maybe because they are the majority or maybe
because they the non-English speaking brown people from the south. But
nationally there is an out cry against the new wave of immigrants who
supposedly won’t learn English, won’t abandon their definition family unit and
live only 4-5 to a house, and won’t assimilate to American culture.

But if America is
truly a melting pot, then it should take the good seasoning of various cultures
to make a superb nation that reflects the flavors of many. Instead it pushes
immigrants to abandon their language and cultural traditions of the overpowering
dominant Anglo/Saxon culture. The term was originally coined to describe the US as a place where all the races of Europe melt
together.*  I say America is really a white cake that
has colorful sprinkles on top. We like to show the world our pretty frosting
and multiracial rainbow topping. But inside we are a nation that values total
assimilation not adaptation and are becoming more of a bland mono-cultural
society than the multicultural one we like to uplift. Isn’t it time for America
to live the identity it claims and truly be a place where many can come
together bring their unique gifts to create a great nation of Americans, who
love their country, yet take pride in and maintain their cultural origins.

*The Melting Pot was used in an adapted version of Romeo and
Juliet by Israel Zangwill