STOP Firestone Photo Project!

Here are more detailed instructions on what you need to do:

1) Take your photo!  Here are three options:
      -Take a photo of yourself holding a "Stop Firestone" sign which you can download right here
       -Take a photo of yourself next to a STOP sign in your neighborhood
       -Write "Stop Firestone" on your hand and take a photo

2) Post your photo on and tag it "StopFirestone" OR you can e-mail your photos to tim.newman[at]

3)  Take more photos! Bring your camera to work, your faith or community group, your union local or even your next BBQ and spread the word about Firestone.  You can also use your photo on your MySpace, Facebook or Friendster profile to raise awareness about this project.  You can print off an informational flyer to share here.

While you are talking to people about Firestone, let them know that there will be a national call-in day to Firestone headquarters on July 26th (Liberia's Independence Day).  We will send out a call-in script and the phone number closer to the date, so keep checking your e-mail and the Stop Firestone website.