Down Down FTA!


Critics of the trade agreement have faced considerable repression from
the government of South Korea for raising concerns about the impact the
agreement will have on farmers, workers, women, and many other
sectors.  A July 2006 poll in South Korea found that 62 percent opposed
the FTA, so civil society groups both in South Korea and the US are
hoping to send a clear message to the negotiators this week that the
current model of corporate globalization is not working for many people
around the world.

If you are in DC this week, make sure to attend some of the exciting
events planned.  For a full list, visit the KAFT website here.Drumming_in_lafayette_park_2

For more information about the Korea-US FTA check out these articles:
"A New Fast Track For Unfair Trade" by Christine Ahn (Korea Policy Institute and Korean Americans for Fair Trade)

Policy Brief on the Proposed US-Korea FTA by Dr. Thomas Kim (Korea Policy Institute)


Protesters fought against the Free Trade Devil on Sunday.