Video: Exploitative palm oil in Pepsi's supply chain

What is in your snack food? Too often the answer is palm oil produced with gross labor exploitation and ecological destruction. This new animated video from ILRF and our partners at the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and OPPUK, an Indonesian labor rights advocacy organization tells the real stories of three palm oil workers to expose modern day slavery, child labor and systemic labor abuses prevalent throughout the palm oil plantation industry. This palm oil ends up in the supply chains of major brands like PepsiCo.

Please watch the video and share it on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word! If you want to let PepsiCo know they need to clean up their act, you can also send a message directly to CEO Indra Nooyi, urging PepsiCo to get labor exploitation out of its snack food products!

The video follows the release of a groundbreaking investigative report detailing labor rights abuses documented on two palm oil plantations owned and operated by Indonesian food giant Indofood, a producer of PepsiCo-branded snack foods. PepsiCo is a significant buyer of palm oil, purchasing more than 450,000 tons a year, but PepsiCo’s latest responsible palm oil policy exempts its joint venture partner Indofood. This means that PepsiCo products made and sold in Indonesia––the frontlines of palm oil-driven deforestation, climate emissions, and human and labor rights abuses––are not required to meet the same responsible standards as PepsiCo products produced elsewhere.