Labor Conditions in the Tajikistan Cotton Industry

Publication Date: 

August 1, 2007

Over the past five years, the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) has received growing evidence of systematic conditions in the cotton industry that lead to widespread use of forced and child labor, affecting millions of children and adults in countries including India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Pakistan, and China. ILRF is committed to building awareness of the worldwide problem, promoting the use of trade policy instruments to combat child labor in global cotton production, and building ethical alternatives to cotton produced by forced and child labor.

Trade Pressure Used to Support Workers

Publication Date: 

June 1, 2007

Philips- Van Heusen plant in Guatemala

The first time Guatemala was placed under review (probation) for eligibility of GSP benefits was in 1992 after US/GLEP (before the name changed to USLEAP) and nine other U.S. human rights, trade union and religious groups filed a worker rights petition with the support of the Guatemalan trade union movement. The AFL-CIO also filed a petition.