ILRF Pre-Hearing Brief Concerning Dole's Application for Increased Trade Benefits

Publication Date: 

October 3, 2008


Brian Campbell, ILRF

The ILRF filed this pre-hearing brief related to the request by Dole Packaged Foods, LLC to expand the GSP preference program with the Philippines to add Pineapple Juice, not concentrated. The ILRF requests that the USTR hold open the review and defer making a decision pending resolution of the outstanding disputes between Dole Philippines (Dolefil) and local union representing its workers, AK-NAFLU-KMU (Amado Kadena), where there are still dozens of outstanding legal disputes related working conditions and freedom of association violations. Also, we request the Committee to defer a decision on Dole’s request pending implementation of fair labor practices by hiring full-time employees and ending the practice of contracting out its workforce to labor cooperatives.