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Foreign Workers Sue U.S. Companies

USA Today

By Alan Gomez

Labor leaders overseas are turning increasingly to an obscure 18th-century law that could for the first time make U.S. companies liable at home for the violent and sometimes murderous actions of their employees around the world.

Several lawsuits alleging violation of the Alien Tort Statute are awaiting trial in federal courts, filed with the help of unions and activist groups in the USA.

One against Geo W. Drummond Ltd. of Alabama alleges the contracting company's subsidiary in Colombia paid death squads to kill labor leaders.

'Fair Labor' Certification Program to Spotlight Socially Responsible Business Practices

Progressive Grocer

EMERYVILLE, Calif. - A coalition of organizations and industry players have launched a new certification program recognizing socially responsible business practices by agricultural businesses.

The group includes Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a sustainability standards developer and certifier in sectors such as food, forestry, fisheries, and cut flowers; Numi Organic Tea, the International Labor Rights Fund, and NSF International, an independent nonprofit developer of standards and certifications for food, water, and consumer goods... 

Oscuridad en la Mina (Darkness in the Mine)

Semana (Colombia)

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Después de Chiquita, la empresa de carbón Drummond enfrenta en Estados Unidos cargos por nexos con el paramilitarismo. ¿Cuál es la verdad?

"La gente empezó a decirnos que había carros de la Drummond andando con gente armada. Un día les dije a los soldados: 'vamos a hacerle una emboscada a esta gente', y nos paramos a lado y lado del camino. Venía un carro y le salimos. Se bajó un señor y me dijo: 'yo soy el coronel Rodríguez, de seguridad de la empresa'. Entonces le dije: 'mi coronel, ¿cómo está?

How fair is your eco gear?

NOW Toronto


Someone must have slipped some thing in my water, because a giant two-dimensional sex kitten seems to be beckoning me to try on a bamboo bra. A few feet later, a billboard promises 10 per cent off anything in the store if I simply slip on a pair of organic jeans. But this is no hippy mirage. It's the mall at 6 pm on a Monday.

Welcome to the mainstreaming of eco chic.