Blog: June 2013

GSP Program in Bangladesh Does Not Promote Sustainable Development

As garment factory fires and building
collapses continue to claim more lives in Bangladesh, the US government must
change course and send a strong message that business as usual in Bangladesh
must end. Removing GSP benefits for Bangladesh, a country that has repeatedly
failed to address worker rights issues across several industries, will send
that message.

ILRF Statement on US Tax Breaks for Bangladeshi Businesses

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) calls on the United States
Trade Representative (USTR) to end tax breaks for Bangladeshi
business and instead use the resources to invest in a
brighter future for Bangladeshi workers. For more than five years, the
USTR has been continuing to review whether Bangladesh business should benefit
from tax breaks granted under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) trade
program in what has been an unsuccessful effort to convince the Government of
Bangladesh to end labor abuses in the garment industry and to hold its business
community accountable for the abuses.

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