Blog: January 2011

Stop trade-union repression in Dole Philippines’ plantation!

The management takeover of the workers’ union last February 13, 2010 – wherein the management-created UR Dole headed by Francis Gales, orchestrated an illegal “general assembly,” impeached the duly-elected officials of AK-NAFLU-KMU, and replaced the latter with officials from UR Dole – earned vehement protests from throughout the country and the world.

Clean Clothes Campaign Gains Widespread Recognition in Amsterdam

The CCC partners widely with similar organizations in the United States and outside of Europe, such as SweatFree Communities and the International Labor Rights Forum.

In the midst of so many other serious international issues taking prime space on television screens and in newspapers, it is encouraging to see attention being given to human rights issues that affect millions of lives in many countries around the world.

The Environmental and Social Cost of Pineapples in Costa Rica

One of the main pineapple suppliers in Costa Rica that emerged during the seventies is PINDECO (Pineapple Development Corporation), a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte. Located on some 37,000 acres of land in the southern Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica, PINDECO is responsible for the introduction of the Smooth Cayenne variety, which accounts for at least 50% of the country's pineapple.

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