Blog: October 2010

Flower Workers’ Conditions in Finca Guacari Will Be Taken to the ILO Committee on Application of Standards

Under these circumstances, on September 18, Sintraguacari decided to go on strike in defense of their labor rights and to protest the unfair dismissal of seven of the union’s members. While these rights are recognized by domestic and international legislations, their enforcement is very poor in most of the cut flower industry in Colombia.

Halloween Actions to Stop Child Labor in Chocolate

  1. Hershey should agree to take immediate action to eliminate forced and child labor;
  2. Commitment to sourcing 100% Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans by 2012 for at least one of its top five selling bars;
  3. Commitment to making at least one more top five selling bar 100% Fair Trade Certified every two years;
  4. Commitment that most of Hershey’s chocolate will be Fair Trade Certified by 2022.

Cancer cases in Korea underscore grim working conditions for women at Samsung

The higher incidence of lymphoma and leukemia cases in females, as opposed to males, seems to attest to the fact that traditional gender roles play an important factor in the recruitment practices of these companies. As the Ms article points out, at Samsung “men tend to work as engineers and managers while women generally work as line operators -where they are prone to higher chemical exposure.”


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