Blog: July 2010

Clothing Line Hopes to Show Garment Industry That Exploitation is Not the Norm

According to End Human Trafficking, “When the Argentinians and the Thais met at a conference in 2009, it was clear that their shared backgrounds and commitment to making clothing in a cooperative-driven, free and fair system. And so "No-Chains" clothing was founded. The model is pretty simple — no slavery will be used in the production of these garments. All garments will be made from locally-sourced materials, assembled by workers paid a fair wage, and the profits go to the ownership, the workers themselves.”

Free2Work Rates Soccer Ball Companies: Who Came Out on Top?

While I was reviewing the research, I began to realize that the only companies who actually had steadfast labor corporate responsibility action plans were the big players- adidas, Nike, New Balance and Puma. Why was this?

I recognize that these companies have bigger budgets for their CSR programs, but shouldn’t all brands, big and small, be concerned with how their supply chain is affecting others? Obliviously, from the data collected, not everyone cares, or even pretends to care. For a better understanding of the psyche of each company, I think that we need to look at why they received their particular grade:


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