Blog: June 2010

On the One-Year Anniversary of the Coup, Honduran Social Movement Announces General Strike

The coup in Honduras was the first in Central America in more than two decades. Initially international reaction was universally negative and no foreign government recognized the new president. "The United States condemned the removal of the democratically-elected president, Manuel Zelaya, as a coup d'etat; however President Obama has not denounced the illegal elections that happened a few months later," said Gutierrez.

Colombia-US FTA: 100 more years of solitude for the working class?

Ratification should go beyond meeting these conditions. Less people are joining trade unions than they were before Uribe’s administration, fewer trade unions are being allowed to form, legislation has changed labor laws and conditions, and informal work has increased. These are symptomatic of a prevalent anti-unionist climate.

Incredible Bravery, Relentless Oppression: 2010 ITUC Annual Survey of Workers Rights

Summing up the report ITUC General Secretary Guy Ryder said “This year’s ITUC survey shows that the majority of the world’s workers still lack effective protection of their rights to organise trade unions and bargain collectively. This is a major factor in the long-term increase in economic inequality within and between countries.

Improving the Lives of Chinese Sanitation Workers

Chinese sanitation workers may benefit from studying the experience of their comrades in the U.S.  Recently, janitors in the Twin Cities won full-time green jobs, better health insurance and a new contract by negotiating with their employers. The janitors united and engaged their employers with one voice. As a vulnerable, underpaid group, forming a union was essential to their success.


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