Blog: March 2010

Is the BBC Fair to Fair Trade?

No certification program can offer a 100% guarantee that these labor rights abuses do not occur in certified facilities.  A critical component of a strong certification program is that a reliable system is in place to identify violations when they occur and that there is an appropriate process to remediate violations.  (For more information, please see ILRF's "Roadmap for Ethical Product Certification and Standard Setting Initia

Global Advocacy Days 2010: Advocates From Across the Country Descend on Capitol Hill in an Effort to Re-Abolish the Slave Trade

Human Trafficking is defined as “the recruitment and transportation of persons within or across boundaries by force, fraud or deception for the purpose of exploiting them economically.”  (For a more in depth definition of the issue, check out Understanding Slavery and Trafficking).  As the definition implies, modern slavery knows no geographical or social boundaries.  It affects citizens of every country and people of every race and religion.  For many

Prominent Environmental Lawyer speaks about Stop Firestone Campaign

While the current class action lawsuit against Firestone is still pending, the time has come to strengthen Liberia’s civil society. Brownell stated the implications of these cases are great – “when you take a company to court, you cause the country to believe in the spirit of the law.” One of the many challenges that exist is creating a trickle-down effect of information to the rubber plantation workers so that they have the educational tools to be empowered.

Attend Public Hearing on DC Sweatfree Purchasing on March 23

Last year, DC city government began efforts to reform the current system used
to purchase goods and services for the District, known more formally as the
system of contracting and procurement.  Every year the city spends millions,
sometimes billions, of dollars (primarily tax payer dollars) to purchase, or
procure, the goods and services needed to keep the city up and running.   Early

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