Blog: June 2009

Responding to the "Ugly Truth Behind Organic Food"

Recently I came across the article The Ugly Truth Behind Organic Food and it was one of the few places where I've seen a well thought out piece related to the facts concerning organic labor implications.  As someone that has been working with food and agricultural workers around the world producing for companies like Wal-Mart, Dole, and DelMonte, I have heard workers over and over again talk about the labor rights violations in the fields.  And generally speaking the workers are treated the same on conventional and organic farms and processing facilities.  

Here is an excerpt from the Ugly Truth Behind Organic Food:

Colombian female President?

Some of those rights include the rights to form a union. Intimidation, violence, threats and displacement characterize workers’ daily lives. USLEAP has documented that even though there has been improvements, more unionists are killed in Colombia than the entire world put together – still! Less than 2% of these cases are ever prosecuted.  Fighting for small protections has always been an uphill battle, yet companies’ have still found ways around them.   Like in many other countries, contract labor has substantially increased in Colombia.


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