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BANGLADESH: Labour groups urge end to worker repression

Labour and human rights groups in the US, Canada and Europe have accused the Bangladeshi government of repressing clothing workers after it tried to crack down on labour rights advocates leading public protests for better pay.
The groups say leaders of apparel workers organisations were last week forced into hiding to escape arrest and beatings.
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Fair Trade, shared space in Olympia

The News Tribune

Excerpt from article:

OLYMPIA – Traditions Café & World Folk Art closed more than an hour ago. Still, owner Dick Meyer motions in a couple of people who were peeking through the windows.

The shop is geared to both the curious and the socially conscious, and features “fair trade” products by craftspeople, artisans and growers from more than 60 countries.

Bangladesh Workers Demand More Pay

Al Jazeera

Tens of thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers demanding higher salaries were met with rubber bullets and tear gas during a recent protest ooutside Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Garment workers are currently paid a minimum of just $24 a month following a 2006 agreement among manufacturers, unions and the government, but business is booming piling increasing amounts to work onto employees...

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As China Aids Labor, Unrest Is Still Rising

New York Times


On a hot morning in late May, while some 2,000 workers at a Honda parts factory were striking in China’s south, 100 irate employees at a hotel in the heart of the capital staged their own protest.

The Honda workers got lots of publicity. The hotel employees were mostly ignored. But the undercurrent was the same: labor disputes are becoming a common feature of the Chinese economic landscape.