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The Latest Corporate Social Responsibility News: Un-Earth Day


It’s Earth Day, and all eyes are on the environment -- rightfully so, seeing as we're changing our climate irreversibly. Companies, NGOs, and others have appropriately set their sights on Mother Earth this week: SAP and Anheuser-Busch touted solar arrays; Environmental Defense Fund applauded green innovations by companies such as Coca-Cola, Google, and Wal-Mart; and released the State of Green Investing 2009 report.

A Conflict Mineral Bill Tries to Walk a Fine Line

Roll Call

By T.R. Goldman

The drumbeats are distant now, but they will grow louder. Soon they will be coming out of your mobile phone, screaming in your ear that by dint of using your cellular device, you are complicit in the murder, torture and rape of millions in the remote eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

That’s one point of view in an issue that is just awakening K Street but that has antecedents stretching back two decades, to Kathie Lee Gifford’s clothing line, Nike shoes, Pakistani soccer balls, Uzbek cotton and diamonds from Sierra Leone.

State labor pressure helps Honduran workers

The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY)

Excerpt from article:

The Honduran workers who make most of Schenectady's firefighter uniforms are finally being paid minimum wage, after a year of pressure from the state and a national textile union.

 Workers at the Alamode Plant in Honduras also received back pay for all the years in which they were illegally paid less than the Honduran minimum wage. And, for the first time, their company obeyed Honduras law and enrolled them in the country's social security system, which provides access to health care, injury leave and other benefits.


Northwest University of Politics and Law - Labor Law Clinic Page

2009年4月8日,国际劳工权益基金会代表Manfred Elfstrom先生莅临劳动法诊所进行了为期两天的指导工作,指导工作由汇报和座谈两部分组成。



Economic Solutions: SweatFree Communities' new report and EFCA

Community Radio WERU 89.9 FM Blue Hill

Today we talk with Bangladeshi labor activist Kalpona Akter, who along with two of her colleagues were arrested last summer following their involvement in a movement to raise the minimum wage for garment workers in Bangladesh. The garment factory managers who have leveled charges against the three activists are major suppliers to Walmart...

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Warning on sweatshops issued in Maine

Bangor Daily News

AUGUSTA, Maine --Anti-sweatshop activists turned out at the Maine State House as part of a national effort to warn about federal, state and local tax dollars being used to buy products made in sweatshops.

According to a new report released Wednesday by a group known as SweatFree Communities, more local and state governments are adopting policies to require government contractors to meet ethical standards...

Rights organization praises Lion Apparel

Dayton Daily News

Excerpt from article:

DAYTON — An organization fighting what it calls “sweatshops” is praising Dayton-based Lion Apparel for its response to complaints about conditions in a Honduras plant.

In “Subsidizing Sweatshops II,” a report embargoed until today, April 15, SweatFree Communities said its research partners last year fielded complaints from workers, including “below-minimum wages, forced overtime, lack of legally mandated social security payments and pregnancy testing.”

Group chides, lauds Ohio company on factory

The Associated Press

CLEVELAND (AP) -- An anti-sweatshop group says an Ohio-based uniform company has improved conditions at its plant in Honduras, but there remains more to do.

The factory employs about 500 workers and makes uniforms for Dayton-based Lion Apparel and other companies.

SweatFree Communities said Wednesday that a workers-rights group reported in July that employees at the plant worked for below minimum wage, were forced to work overtime and were not enrolled in social security, and that female workers had to take pregnancy tests...

State Police Uniforms Being Made In Dominican Republic Sweatshop

Maine Public Broadcasting Network

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Excerpt from article:

Some of Maine's tax dollars are being spent on garments made in sweatshops.  That's among the findings of a study released today by the non-profit group SweatFree Communities. The report, Subsidizing Sweatshops 2, is the follow-up to a study released last summer into conditions at some of the factories where police and military uniforms are made.