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Pakistan’s Declaration of a State of Emergency


The International Labor Rights Forum condemns General Pervez Musharraf’s declaration of a state of emergency in Pakistan. In recent days, Pakistan’s government has detained, beaten and tear-gassed opposition party leaders, lawyers and human rights advocates and has clamped down on the media. Of particular concern to ILRF are Musharraf’s assaults on labor organizations and workers’ rights.

ILRF Questions Wal-Mart's Ethical Sourcing Practices on Anniversary of Wal-Mart CEO's Speech


On the second anniversary of the “21st Century Leadership” speech made by Mr. Lee Scott, Wal-Mart CEO, the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) releases its research report on the Ethical Standards and Working Conditions in Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain. In an effort to raise awareness and educate people about the harsh working conditions that many Wal-Mart worker’s suffer worldwide, ILRF conducted an analysis compiling information from Wal-Mart’s Ethical Standards Program from 2003 through 2006.

ILRF and Global Exchange Congratulate Cargill on New Cocoa Certification Commitments

Over 40 organizations and fair trade companies release new statement on ethical cocoa sourcing
The International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) and Global Exchange congratulated Cargill today on their new agreement to certify its cocoa beans to the farm level in West Africa. This week, Cargill, Heinz Benelux, Ahold, UTZ Certified, Solidaridad and Oxfam Novib announced a new certification program to ensure to the farm level that cocoa is grown in a sustainable manner in Ivory Coast.

Trade Union Repression Highlighted in New GSP Petition


WASHINGTON, DC: The International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) filed a petition against the Philippines under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program on Friday, June 22. The complaint submitted to the Office of the United States Trade Representative alleges that the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) systematically denies workers the rights of freedom of association, the right to organize

ILRF Welcomes Investigation of Drummond for Paramilitary Links


March 20, 2007

Concerns raised about safety of key witness in Drummond trial

The International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF) welcomes the announcement that law enforcement officials in Colombia will investigate the murder of three trade union leaders working at a coal mine owned by US-based Drummond after allegations that company officials paid right-wing paramilitaries to conduct the assassinations.

Dole worker tells of labor rights violations in Colombian flower industry


For immediate release

International Labor Rights Fund

Contact: Nora Ferm, 202-347-4100

Says US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement will not protect rights of women workers

Beatriz Fuentes, a 29-year-old mother of two with nine years of work experience in Colombian rose plantations, is in the US for Valentine’s Day to share with consumers her first hand account of the issues facing women workers.

Strong advocacy for justice of the slain bishop and labor activists’ causes deportation


Fr. Jose Dizon, executive director of the Cavite-based Workers

Assistance Center (WAC), strongly believed that US labor lawyer Brian

Campbell was denied entry in the country because the government wants

to get even with him and with his Washington DC-based organization

International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF) for spearheading a strong

justice campaigns in the USA for the slain Bishop Alberto Ramento of

the Philippine Independent Church, Nestle union president Diosdado

"Ka Fort" Fortuna, and other activists murdered in the Philippines.

NZ rights lawyer to join protests at ASEAN summit


A human rights lawyer from New Zealand was able to get into the country to take part in protest actions at the ASEAN Summit in Cebu starting Sunday, ANC's The World Tonight reported Thursday.

“I would rather be called a terrorist than be cowed into silence,” said Jane Kelsey of the Action Research and Education Network who flew into Cebu to add her voice to the anti-ASEAN protests.

Kelsey feels the summit is focusing too much on broad economic and political issues and neglecting the plight of laborers and small workers.

ILRF sues Nestle for Complicity in Colombian Union Murders


Wife Claims Food & Beverage Giant Retaliated for Husband’s Exposure of Company’s Use of Expired Milk in Popular Drink


Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company, has been sued for complicity in the murder of a Colombian trade union leader by paramilitary forces with which the company has had a long-standing relationship.

Political Killings in Philippines


We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, join our voices in a call for an end to the wave of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Over the past five years, a stark increase in politically-motivated violence has claimed the lives of pro-democracy activists, human rights defenders, political opposition figures, lawyers, teachers, peasants, students, union leaders, and religious leaders.

Governor Corzine Joins National Anti-Sweatshop Initiative


New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has announced that he will participate in a path-breaking governors’ initiative to end sweatshop exploitation in apparel and other industries. Proposed by Governor John Baldacci of Maine, the Governors’ Coalition for Sweatfree Procurement and Workers’ Rights will use state government procurement as a catalyst to level the playing field for ethical businesses and advance justice for sweatshop workers.