Golden Veneer

Publication Date: 

June 21, 2015

Multiple reports have documented the failures of voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) codes in global supply chains, but less attention has been paid to how they have been implemented in the United States. This report is a case study of how McDonald’s Corporation implemented its Supplier Code of Conduct when it was alerted to violations of workers’ rights to freedom of association at one of its suppliers, Taylor Fresh Foods, commonly known as Taylor Farms.

Protecting Human Rights through Government Procurement

Publication Date: 

May 19, 2015

No other consumer in the world has greater influence on human rights worldwide than the US Government.  Yet, federal procurement policy is like a human rights sieve with gaping holes.  It still allows US government agencies and entities to purchase goods made in deathtrap factories in Bangladesh or in other factories that do not comply with internationally-recognized human rights without investigating risk to workers or seeking remedy for workers who have been harmed.  ILRF proposes five steps the US Government should take to exercise its duty to protect workers’ human rights through procur