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What Is the Significance of China’s #MeToo Movement?


“Loudly telling dirty jokes, ridiculing female colleagues about their looks and figures, using the excuse of ‘giving direction’ to make unnecessary body contact in factory workshops, this kind of ‘sexual harassment culture’ is prevalent.” As the #MeToo movement took hold in China, a Foxconn worker described her experience for the feminist website Jianjiaobuluo (尖椒部落).

Ivanka Failed To Mention The Women Who Make Her Products In Speech On Women's Empowerment In India


Ivanka Trump flew halfway around the world to champion women's rights and empowerment on Tuesday in India. But in a hyped-up speech, Trump failed to mention women who make Ivanka Trump products in India, where workers reportedly sew her clothing line for just a few dollars a day.

Ivanka Trump’s India trip overshadowed by clothing brand criticism, White House disputes

New York Daily News

Ivanka Trump’s anticipated trip to India this week has already been met with criticism and White House infighting.

The first daughter and White House aide will visit Hyderabad for a three-day conference set up by the U.S. to empower entrepreneurship. While there, the former real estate and fashion executive will speak on a “Be the Change: Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership” panel on Tuesday and appear at another forum scheduled for Wednesday.