Wal-Mart’s high cost of low prices: Sweatshop workers tell their stories

Lexie Briggs
Pioneer Log (Portland, Oregon)

Beatrice Fuentes was a humble flower cutter in Colombia. Although she did not make a lot of money, she had a reasonable salary and relatively good job security. That was before Dole Food Company, the multinational corporation, bought the 20 largest flower producers in Colombia – essentially monopolizing the Colombian flower market. Now Fuentes is fighting against all odds to ensure fairer employment practices for her co-workers.

Fuentes, along with two other labor activists, spoke in the Council Chambers on Wednesday about the evils of Wal-Mart and unfair labor practices around the world. Kotagarahalli Ramaiah Jayaram, a labor organizer from India spoke about his efforts to change his country’s practices. Cynthia Foley, an ex-Wal-Mart employee from Orlando, Florida recounted her experiences as a bottom-rung worker...

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