USLEAP campaigns to support banana workers who are fighting against a race to the bottom and seeking fair wages, decent benefits, justice and dignity.

USLEAP has successfully:

  • Campaigned for a path-breaking 2001 worker rights agreement between Chiquita and its unions;
  • Won (some) justice for Del Monte banana workers who were violently attacked in Guatemala;
  • Won compensation for and rehiring of Dole and Bonita workers in Ecuador;
  • Organized sign-on letters to Dole and Chiquita;
  • Testified before the U.S. Trade Representative on Del Monte abuses;
  • Met with Ecuadorian banana magnate Alvaro Noboa after he brought in thugs to attack his own workers;
  • Organized fact-finding delegations to Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia;
  • Led U.S. participation and co-sponsorship of a 2005 International Banana Conference;
  • Secured financing for strategic planning workshops for banana workers;
  • Co-sponsored production of a special report on labor violations in Dole operations around the world, and more.

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