Act now: Thai workers face prison for reporting abuse

Migrant workers who escaped the Thammakaset poultry farm in Lopburi, Thailand, described horrendous working conditions. The 14 workers allege forced overtime (up to 20 hours a day), unlawful salary deductions, confiscation of their identity documents and restricted freedom of movement. They brought their case to the Thai Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, and were awarded nearly $54,000 in compensation. Yet a year and a half later, they have yet to receive any of that money.

Even worse, these workers now face jail time for reporting the conditions of abuse! They are now on trial on charges of criminal defamation, brought by the employer who exploited them. Tell the Thai Government it must take immediate action to protect these workers, and ensure that migrant workers are able to report on abusive and illegal working conditions without fear of retaliation!