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Groups say Thailand should face U.S. sanctions over trafficking

(Reuters) - Thailand should be liable to potential U.S. sanctions for failing to crack down on trafficking in migrant workers, a group of human rights and labor organizations said on Friday.
In a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, 19 organizations, including Human Rights Watch and the American Federation of Labor, said Thailand "does not meet the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, nor is it taking real steps to meet those standards."

The struggles to unionize workers in Bangladesh

Marketplace Morning Report

It's just over a year since a clothing factory collapsed in Bangladesh, which caused the death of more than 1,000 people.  

The complex tragedy has brought some changes to safety conditions in places that may have manufactured many kinds of affordable clothing Americans buy and wear, but what has gotten less attention is a change in the law that lets employees form a union without the permission of their employer.

Your Chocolate Addiction Is Fueling Child Slavery


Yes, I’m very guilty of indulging in those $9, single-origin chocolate bars with the pretty wrapping paper. They’re so delicious, and I can never believe how much I will pay for the price of pleasure. But the gnarly reality is that I’m helping the unending cycle of child laborers in West Africa; many of whom are pressed into service on cocoa plantations, working long hours for such low pay that advocacy organizations deem as child slavery. Chocolate consumers, we’re all going to hell.