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Women urged to wrest rights with education, skills

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Seminars, a press conference and a walk were also held on the day celebrated in the city as elsewhere in the world.

They said women were discriminated against right from their childhood as the male child was given preference to the girl child by the family in the provision of food, education, medical help, etc. When girls grew up and came out of their homes to get education or employment, a majority of them faced harassment at public places, bus stops, in transport and even at workplaces.

W&K Steel rejects peace offering

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Owners of a Rankin metal fabricating plant rejected a peace offering by the Allegheny County councilman who accused them of running a "sweatshop."

Shortly before announcing he wouldn't try to overturn County Executive Dan Onorato's veto of a bill designating W&K Steel a sweatshop, council President Rich Fitzgerald called the owners, Ed and Celeste Wilhelm.

Council passed the bill Tuesday. Onorato vetoed it Friday...

Anti-sweatshop bill vetoed by Onorato

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato vetoed a piece of legislation Friday passed by county council earlier this week that declared W&K Steel in Rankin a "sweatshop."

The legislation, passed Tuesday with the support of all seven of the council's Democratic members, would have made the company ineligible for county contracts. The four Republican council members abstained...

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Vowed veto of 'sweatshop' to stand

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Excerpt from article:
Two days after declaring a Rankin factory a "sweatshop," Allegheny County Council Democrats announced they were backing down in the face of County Executive Dan Onorato's threatened veto.
Council's declaration barred the county from doing business with W&K Steel LLC and touched off criticism from people who said Democratic leaders pushed the bill through to please unions. W&K owners deny they're running a sweatshop and said they're considering legal action.

Women’s empowerment and state repression

If women’s empowerment is a progressive mainstream agenda, then why are the struggles of women garment workers for living wages and safe and secure working conditions not solidly a part of larger progressive movements being waged in Bangladesh? Movements which struggle to democratise state and society, to re-construct gender relations on equitable lines.

It is a question that is not only worth raising, it is urgent that we raise it, that we seek answers to it.

Open Letter from ILRF’s Newly Appointed Executive Director


Dear ILRF Colleagues,

Democracy, Social Justice, Human Development.  These core principles that move progressive politics are all direct outcomes of labor rights: living wages, non-discrimination, safe workplaces, and, most importantly, the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.  No justice without fair pay, no development without rising incomes, and no democracy without participation in corporate decision-making.